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Today has been another one of those days. Plus I’ve got my knitters wrist (painful, even at rest) back again… So I’m switching to crochet for a few days!

Because of various fits of startitis I have quite a few WIPs and I decided tonight to work out what I could realistically do over the next month or so. Here’s my list!

Everything else is hibernating and put away.

The way I work it out is thus:

I do knit a little on my socks every day but mostly I knit them when travelling. They are the perfect travel project. When the blue ones are done I need to make the companion to this lonely sock!


20140214-231316.jpg I just love the lace pattern.

The Snowflake CAL is monthly and I do my snowflakes early on.

I need to finish this little cardy for my niece as I doubt it’ll fit her next year!


My knitters wrist is exacerbated by knitting in the round (large needles not socks) so my brother in law’s Stephen West poncho may need to be hibernated for a while…

20140214-231853.jpg but I’m leaving it on the to do list as I’d like him to have it sooner rather than later.

The owl blanket I blogged about here. Enough said, who wouldn’t want to spend a weekend on that blanket?! And as for the blanket of guilt all I can say is ‘I know, I know.’

Update: I’ve decided to make the blanket of guilt a downstairs project as it’s just not working having it in the bedroom. I’m also going to work on it this weekend and resist casting on the owl blanket. Well I might do one owl! We’ll see. I’d really like to give the blanket of guilt to my Mum on Mothering Sunday (last Sunday in March in the UK this year) and the owl blanket isn’t needed until early June.

7 thoughts on “Re-organisation

  1. What yarn have you used for your lonely green sock ? I love it 🙂 you month must be 3 weeks longer than mine !!!! my to do list seems to be getting shorter as I never seem to have enough time or maybe I just live in a different time based universe


    • You won’t find ‘sock yarn’ a helpful comment will you?! I bought it ages ago. I think that sock was knitted in 2010… My list seems long BUT I knit the socks when I go on the train, the little cardy I only have one sleeve & a front to go, I’ve put the yarn away for the owl blanket and may knit a few rows of the poncho, but don’t bet on it…


  2. Good luck with your projects! Every month I write a list of my goals for progress on or projects to complete that month. This month hasn’t really gone to plan due to illness at the beginning so I’m a bit behind but I love feeling the satisfaction of crossing something off the list!


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