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An Olympic weekend

Guess what I spent my weekend doing?! Well as the title suggest, watching the Olympics. Who would have thought that ice hockey or cross country skiing could be so exciting! I’m typing this while Canada are playing Finland in men’s ice hockey; it’s the third period and they have one goal apiece. I’m actually enjoying it. I’ve been enjoying the figure skating, the short speed skating, the bob, the skeleton (yay for our gold medal in the women’s event!), the luge, the snow boarding, the ski jumping, oh all of it. And while I’ve been watching I’ve been crocheting.

Now, you recall that on Friday evening I posted a list of the projects I was going to focus on? Well I haven’t done a great deal of them… Let me explain. I mentioned my knitters wrist was back again? When it’s bad I need to not do the hand and wrist movements that you do with knitting. I talked to my doctor about it a year or so ago and he discounted RSI and carpel tunnel; simply I’ve got a small over developed muscle on the upper side of my lower arm from the way I hold my needles (which looks just like how my Mum and various knitty friends hold theirs) and sometimes if I knit a lot I sprain it! It generally seems to be exacerbated by circulars, which is why I tend not to knit using circulars unless I have to. And recently I have had to use them a couple of times.

So first thing yesterday I knit the second sleeve of a cardigan for my niece. I was ok with that; it’s a short sleeve knit on straight needles and it took me an hour. I then did a little of my socks (to stick with the Socks with Sarah KAL aim of knitting a bit of sock every day). By this time my wrist was aching so I decide to hibernate the poncho (on a circular) til I felt like doing it again and concentrate on some crochet. And while I was updating my Ravelry page I came across this pattern, which I remembered I wanted to make for my niece to match an outfit I bought her for our trip to Australia. I realised I had some Debbie Bliss baby Cashmerino that would suit it. And so, rather than casting on the owl blanket or working on the blanket of guilt, I started it!




I am loving those bobbles around the neckline! The darker colour is a coral-orange and the paler colour a creamy apricot orange. It’s really nice.

In what is no doubt a lull in between storms, today was beautiful. The spring bulbs are coming up in the garden:


And I took this fantastic picture of Flora today. We were chatting through the wire of their run. Ollie is in the background, eating!


20140216-215326.jpg I must say that I do clean out their run every day. But Flora likes to rearrange things and dig, so as soon as it’s all fresh she’s got bits all over the run again! Plus Ollie poos everywhere…

6 thoughts on “An Olympic weekend

  1. I think wordpress just swallowed a comment I left here – so I will try again! I hope your knitting injury heals fast, but I am glad (and I suspect that yoru niece is as well) that you can still crochet! That is an adorable top you are working on. One more week of Olympics, then we will all have to find something else to tie us to the TV for hours at a time while we create with yarn!


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