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I spent today (9.30am – 7pm) at the Somerset Community Foundation offices. They are handling the Somerset Flood Appeal donations and me, my boss and (I hope) his successor spent the whole day volunteering with them helping to process the donations that are coming in from around the country and beyond. It was incredibly heartening to see how much people care and want to help. I’ll be honest I don’t want to see another gift aid form for a while but I’m glad I went. I’m hoping to go back next week.

Normal service (yarn based) will resume shortly. 😄

4 thoughts on “Volunteering

  1. good for you, doing that work. It is amazing how people will help each other, if given the opportunity, isn’t it? we have had a lot of house fires lately, as we so often do in the winter, and the outpouring of donations each time is incredible. restores faith in humanity.


  2. Good to do something different for a change and such a necessity at the moment. Here, in Yorkshire, apart from the odd tree down we are untouched. I couldn’t imagine the upheaval folks are going through down there.


  3. We’ve been relatively untouched where we are but some of the villages just down the road were badly hit in November when the Tidal Surge hit Hull and I know some of the families associated with the school have displaced relatives living with them at the moment because they can’t go home yet.

    We were all sick to our stomachs when a few days later news filtered back that despicable, worthless little scroats had capitalised on the suffering by looting the abandoned homes!!! So it is good to hear tales of support and help. I hope the worst of the weather has been and gone now for every ones sake.


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