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Crochet Up North

I’m from Somerset so pretty much anywhere north of the M4 counts as Up North. (For non UK readers the M4 is the motorway/highway that runs from London to Bristol and on into Wales.) Anyway this weekend I went to Manchester with my friends Sam & Josh. Now that *is* up North for us! A friend is up for election and we were there helping. I know Sam was making granny squares in his bedroom during our downtime (ie after we were supposed to have gone to bed) and I was doing this:

20140223-202658.jpg It’s the sleeve of the crochet cardigan I’m making for my niece. I decided to get going on the sleeves as I have a limited amount of yarn and the sleeves are crucial but the length can be adjusted. This is where I’m at with the body:

20140223-203054.jpg I think it will end up with 12 or 13 repeats of the shell pattern. Tonight when I got home I started the second sleeve:

20140223-203213.jpg I am so pleased with this crochet project!

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