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Feeling sorry for myself

Went to the doctor for an asthma related issue today and came out with pills for my asthma AND diagnosed with an umbilical hernia… Basically rather than being round my belly button has a weird bulge in it. I’m not to worry about it unless it gets bigger, which of course it has since I saw the doctor… I am really very miserable which is quite unlike me as I tend to revert to ‘whatever’ mode quite quickly. I think it’s because we’re off to Australia in five weeks… Apparently people live with them and as mine doesn’t hurt (well I think it does but I KNOW that’s psychosomatic!) it’ll probably be fine. If the doctor had told me I had pleurisy or pneumonia because it’s lung related I’d’ve been fine but this is new. Yes I am being a bit of a valetudinarian tonight. Even struggling to be enthusiastic about this:

The yarn buying ban period ended on the 16th so thought I’d add to my collection of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, which is my current favourite yarn. I might make another little crochet cardy for my niece doing the lace repeat in colour stripes.

Finished the second sleeve of the orange one last night:

20140224-170129.jpg So now I can just keep going with the butterscotch colour until it’s finished.


28 thoughts on “Feeling sorry for myself

  1. Do your best to put your hernia out of your mind… you done that yet ? ….good , now take another look at your yarn, whoopee, lovely, beautiful squishy yarn…. think positive & take care, me ? I’m going to take another look at your photo of all that gorgeous yarn 😀


  2. You’ve had a bit of a bad run health wise lately but I’m with roma1912. You need to try not to think about the hernia too much which I know is easier said than done.

    Now I’m going to go ogle at all that gorgeous yarn you’ve bought – those colours are so pretty.


  3. I had a giant yarn spree yesterday! It’s so exciting! Boo to the hernia! At least you were brave and went to the Dr! I hate doctors Brrrr! Lol xxx


  4. Well, you’ve taught me a new word tonight, valetudinarian! I had to look it up! I can understand you feeling a bit miserable. Try and keep positive. It’ll seem a lot better after a good nights sleep. XX


  5. you know what, if you can’t put it out of your mind, maybe try the opposite! As long as it won’t hurt anything, grab some finger paints (or eye liner or anything else that washes off) and paint a picture on your belly. Make a flower with the belly button at the center. or a silly face with a belly button nose…Whatever makes you smile or giggle. Take a picture and look at it whenever you start to feel bad about it 🙂


  6. So sorry you’re feeling down. Having a hernia is quite unsettling – your brain, quite rightly, struggles to accept it and it’s quite a natural response. The good news is that you can have a four week holiday with lots of wool or forget it’s there! I hope one of those options works for you and you’re feeling better soon. X


  7. Sorry to hear you have that bad news… but hopefully, you will be fine until you return from Australia!

    Glad the yarn buying ban has ended – GO WILD! I love the colors you chose, that niece of yours is one very lucky little girl. 🙂

    Whether you get one or four weeks off from work for the surgery, you will make the most of it, I know. Hopefully, it will be beautiful spring weather, and you can sit out in your pretty yard and enjoy the time with Mollie, the rabbits and the wool. 🙂


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