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Colour vs grey

I love colour. In yarn:


In life:


20140227-190701.jpg pictures of bits of my kitchen!

In things I use all the time:

20140227-190912.jpg my current favourite scarf & bag, phone & Mollie’s collar & lead…

So WHY do I want to knit myself a grey cardy? I own one grey item of clothing, a stretchy skirt, which I am currently wearing with cerise pink tights and a blue green & pink flowery tunic. I don’t do grey. But I’m obsessed with the idea of a grey cardigan! This pattern or this pattern or this pattern… (One of the reasons I love Ysolda Teague’s patterns is because she does them in all sizes up to quite large. Quite apart from they’re lovely.) And possibly this yarn. Or this. Or THIS. I’m hoping the feeling goes off before I end up buying half a ton of *expensive* grey yarn and then get FED UP half way up the back….

34 thoughts on “Colour vs grey

  1. You are asking the wrong person, for some unknown reason I want a chocolate corduroy skirt, yep that’s right, chocolate & corduroy in the same sentence, love all your colours by the way very colourlicious 🙂


  2. I love your cutlery draw! I would give yourself a week and see if it’ll pass. I hope this grey period is not a reflection of how you are feeling. It’s most unlike you to want to tone yourself down! However those are lovely patterns;)


    • Good idea! It’s been knocking around for a while in my mind so I think it may be something I want to do but it’s come to the fore this week. Probably is my state of mind. The cutlery is Laguiole. We had some for our wedding and love it – you can get it online. X


  3. I’m the exact opposite and love neutrals in my home, clothes, and knits. Right now, I’m wearing gray yoga pants and a blue/gray t-shirt with a black rook on it. Very… neutral. Lol

    The good thing about gray is that it would go with whatever “crazy” colors you want to pair it with. But if you loooove color, I could see it being a very boring, blah knitting experience. 🙂


  4. Oooh! Just had to add that cutlery to my Amazon wishlist! And the book that first pattern came from! I love bright colours but when clothing is concerned it’s always good to have a few staple items in more neutral colours so they go with everything. That said, the last three cardigans I bought were all lime green!


    • Lime green is a good colour. Both my hand knit cardigans are lime green or maybe apple green. Green anyway. That said I do actually own some neutrals. My leggings are black! But I think it’s more to do with the knitting of the grey than the wearing of it. I’m terribly fickle with knitting and I’m concerned I’ll buy enough wool to make something to fit me (ie about 2000 metres) and get bored…. I love my Laguiole cutlery! If you do buy some make sure you buy the more expensive ones not the plastic handles and watch out that the knives aren’t steak knives. We’re vegetarians and we have six steak knives!


  5. Maybe look out for a sparkly grey yarn like King Cole Galaxy double knit which has 2 or 3 variants of grey (all named after stars 🙂 )but they all have sequins in the yarn for that touch of sparkle and glamour (so the blurb says) 😉


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