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Knitting at Exeter Services…

Yes really! I’m having a break before going to Exeter University to take part in a debate.


20140228-175958.jpg Behind my knitting is my speech. It’s 5mins 30 secs long. It’s supposed to be 5mins long. I sat down to do a bit of pruning, discovered I had no pen and was forced to buy a BIC biro for 99p. 99P!!!!!!! I was outraged. I’m still outraged. Anyway here’s hoping it’s now 5mins or the chair doesn’t use a stopwatch….

On the outside I have my best purple Anna Scholtz dress and black boots on:

20140228-180344.jpg but I’m wearing handknit yellow socks!

20140228-180424.jpg YAY for yellow socks! (And apologies for the unintentional advertising in that last pic!)

14 thoughts on “Knitting at Exeter Services…

  1. You remind me of me. I wear my hand knits like suits of armor to protect me. It usually works. Go yellow socks!


    • It was on assisted dying and I spoke in favour. I’m a board member of Dignity in Dying. I don’t mention the campaigning stuff I do on the blog often as I love that I’m talking to people from all over about yarn and I’m fairly sure not everyone will be on the same page as me in terms of politics/ views and I don’t want to lose that! But I’m fairly open on my about page so hopefully anyone reading this won’t get a big shock!


      • I don’t mind public speaking at all but I was never very good at debating. I could all too easily see the others point of few. For what it’s worth, I’m all behind you.
        And many of us could do with a little less moaning and a little more positive action.


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