FO: butterscotch cardy

My second crochet garment is finished! My first was in a chunky yarn so this, in a 4 ply, is more delicate and to me proves I can crochet garments! Without further ado, here it is!



Close up of the cat buttons:


Close up of stitch pattern:


I’m delighted with it. Only one little hitch… My niece has had another growth spurt! She can get it on but it really doesn’t fit her and it’s too tight under her arms. So we’ve agreed it’s going to go to one of her best friends (a daughter of a family friend)
who is a lot smaller, and who has two younger sisters. And it’s back to the drawing board for a cardy for her!

I just hope the little knitted cardy I asked Mum to finish while I’m having a break from knitting (apart from socks) isn’t too small as well!

10 thoughts on “FO: butterscotch cardy

  1. I think this is absolutely darling! We’re about to get another snow storm here, so these Springy colors are speaking to me.


    1. It’s a fab pattern. It’s on Ravelry and I think it has very small people sizes too! It’s rainy here, don’t suppose we’ll have snow this year now, but I also can’t wait for the spring. I’m using lots of fresh pastels & greens in my current project.


  2. It’s beautiful but what a shame about it being too small.

    You see, that’s the thing with children, they insist we feed them and then how do they repay us? By growing out of everything the own overnight 😉


  3. Claire – that is really cute! I bet she was sorry she grew. As Landroverownerswife said, it is the feeding them that does it. Most of my nieces are pretty well full grown, we just have one little one who still grows like a weed. It is hard to get things made fro her fast enough after I measure her.


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