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March Snowflake CAL

I am taking part in iMake‘s yearlong Snowflake crochet along and I’m loving it because it’s a little work once a month – the pile is just growing!

In January I happened to do a practice snowflake in some leftover chunky lilac King Cole Galaxy and liked it a lot. I ran out doing my final practice snowflake this month and have decided to buy some more, stick with doing my practice ones in the lilac, then I can stitch then together to make a blanket eventually. The little white ones I am loving, though whether they’ll end up as decorations or stitched to cushions I’m not sure. Here’s this months offering:

No 8, Flurry:




No 15, White Buran:




No 23, Firn:



20140302-142638.jpg As you can see I’ve used a different purple (a purple DK held with some DK Galaxy) for the practice and I don’t like it as much. I’ll redo it when I receive the new Galaxy.

Thank you Martine from iMake for running this no-stress CAL! Check out her blog and instructions for the CAL here.
Patterns are all from Caitlin Sainio’s 100 Snowflakes to Crochet, available on Amazon.

9 thoughts on “March Snowflake CAL

  1. Your crochet work is lovely. Beautiful stitches. My grandmothers crocheted as did my great-grandmother. I never saw them use a pattern but they made some very beautiful items which I still have today. You have lovely stitch work like they did.


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