Retirement present commission!

Now, don’t start thinking I might be getting paid for this! My sister asked me to make her colleague who is retiring a crochet cushion like my Noro ones. Sadly she has no concept whatsoever about how much Noro costs and when I explained that what she wanted to pay for the yarn wouldn’t quite cover it, we agreed something made from my stash that would cost her *nothing* would be ideal, meaning she could buy something else for a valued colleague.

I’m up for it as I finished a project today, my knitting projects are officially hibernating for the time being (until my knitting injury is but a bad memory) and I’m LOVING my crochet. Yes, I do have the blanket of guilt to be getting on with but hey I’m doing my sister a favour!

I went and dug out the acrylics I had stashed in a pillowcase since I finish the Not Your Average Crochet‘s stripey blanket CAL. (Incidentally, Hannah of NYAC is featured in the current issue of Simply Crochet! Go Hannah! ). Here’s the link to the stripey blanket pattern! Anyway I tipped them all out on my sofa for inspiration:


I thought it was probably time for me to have another go at the Attic 24 blooming flower cushion. I went off the last one because the yarns I picked just didn’t make it sing – they were lovely muted Debbie Bliss Cashmerino shades – but they didn’t work in this pattern. Anyway this is where I’ve got so far. I think it’s looking pretty good!


10 thoughts on “Retirement present commission!

  1. I’ve totally made like five of those blooming pillows. You make one, you have to make a million more! Love it!! Can’t wait to see it all finished!


    1. Do you know as I said to myself ‘just one round more’ half an hour after I’d normally be asleep, I also thought, ‘this is a bit addictive’… My Noro cushions I have on my sofa are the same pattern without the frills. Do you think it’s weird that I like the back side of the fabric more than the front?!


      1. Yeah, I admit I did a version that was a half double crochet round instead of the petals. I found a ridiculous “candy corn” ombre yarn and just went nuts. It made a lovely “ugly pillow” that I can’t live without!


  2. Well what could be better than doing something you enjoy, helping out your sister, using some of the stashed yarn … win, win, win situation in my opinion 🙂

    As for [don’t forget the booming, echoy voice] ‘the blanket of guilt’, another couple of weeks isn’t going to make that much of a difference is it …… 😉


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