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Blooming flower cushion update

Spring/ Easter themed colours:



This is for my sister to give as a gift. I know it’s pretty but it doesn’t appeal to me as much as the back side does:

20140304-215452.jpg I think it’s just I prefer the colour to the frills. I guess I’m just not a frills person.

11 thoughts on “Blooming flower cushion update

  1. It’s beautiful! I’m trying so hard not to make a joke about an appealing backside… (and failing miserably, obviously.) Are you making the smooth version for the back? Then you’ll have two looks for one cushion anyway. (Trying to back away now before I start making jokes about frilly bottoms too…)


    • Hahaha thanks for making me laugh out loud this morning. It will have a smooth back. The good thing is I’m making it for my sisters colleague so my personal choice isn’t really relevant!!


  2. I look at this cushion pattern in all its glory a LOT. And still haven’t made one! But you keep on inspiring me, and showing how different it can look with different color choices. I might have to do one for the new porch…


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