*bloomin* flower cushion

So, substitute the old fashioned instead-of-swear word for a swear word of your choice. For the third time this pattern has had me. I’ve gone wrong way back AGAIN. Why this should happen I do not know because I’ve used the back pattern for several cushions I’ve done and have not gone wrong on any of them. ARGH.

Mollie’s contribution to the muttering & swearing was to come and sit in from of me and look concerned:


To add insult to injury, the more I did the petals/ frills the less I liked them. While I thought I was going right I could force myself to finish but I don’t intend to crochet it from the fifth row again…

Thank you for everyone who said they thought it was pretty. I do think it’s a pretty pattern but it’s not my taste. And I don’t appear to be able to cope with it.

So, I am probably never ever going to attempt it again and just admire everyone else’s.

In a moment of sheer cathartic pleasure I have just put the whole wretched thing in the bin. Good riddance to that.

Anyway, I dug out my Cashmerino stash, worked out a colour scheme and cast on retirement present mark two: a plain striped cushion.

That new colour is actually a pretty pinky lavender.

And this is the remaining colour sequence:


So that is that.

And now dear friends I am going to bed.

18 thoughts on “*bloomin* flower cushion

  1. I wonder if the fact that you didn’t really like working the pattern in the first place, was the reason you kept going wrong – a sub-conscious “why am i making this” sort of reaction? Sleep well 🙂


  2. That’s OK. To be honest I don’t like mine as much as I thought I would because it’s not my usual taste, either. I like the beginnings of your new cushion!


  3. The frills were lovely even though they weren’t jumping out at me, but your new colourful project is the bees knees I adore it, I just might follow your lead & try one for myself, poor Mollie looks a little over wrought at the whole episode 🙂 Old Dog sends her a cheeky little wink, the Casanova


    1. I’m using the back side pattern for both sides. Mollie couldn’t work out what I was angry at and was slightly concerned it might be at her. Mollie appreciates Old Dog’s support at this time of knitting trauma.


  4. Oh no! The hoarder in me is screaming at me to beg you to get it out of the bin and send it to me to fix it for you! I’ve made two of these cushions, but to be honest it’s the idea of yarn going in the bin (shudder) that bothers me! It’s important to know when to walk away from a pattern that is quietly driving you up the wall though. If I didn’t admit defeat every now and then my living room wall would have enough crochet hooks and knitting needles embedded in it to do a passable hedgehog impression. Some days the yarn gods just mock us with their fluffy, tangled ways.


    1. LOL! If it wasn’t made with odds and ends of acrylic that in addition to being cheap have been soaked in dirty radiator water, put through a cool wash and tumble dried (yes I know it sounds lunatic, it was) and therefore stick to each other and are impossible to unpick, I would have either unpicked it or offered it out. Honestly it’s not worth it. But I truly don’t throw yarn away often 😄


      1. Ah, you gave it every chance to behave itself! It was lucky you didn’t take it out back and shoot it (or at least give it a fiery Viking-style send off on the barbecue).


  5. Poor Mollie! That nasty cushion belongs right where you put it for upsetting you and Mollie. Though, next time you want to rid yourself of any project that is made up of yarn my Yarn Rascal will happily shred it beyond recognition for you. Give Mollie a big hug and kiss, poor thing.


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