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A weekend in York

Just back from my weekend. I’m pretty tired after a long drive but for a large part of it Sam and I talked about patterns and yarn, so that was fun!

Soooo just before I left on Friday I *might* have cast on another pair of socks… My blue Rowan felted tweed ones are at the point where I need to keep trying them on to get the size right. Not ideal when you’re out & about! My new ones are Katia Ole Sock Rainbow which is a lovely fuzzy yarn and very soft.

I did a few rounds at a services on the M1 on Friday:


This is the gorgeous yarn:


I’m doing a 3×1 rib, so this is the right side:


And this the wrong side, which appeals to me a lot:


On Saturday lunchtime, I took an hour off and walked up to The Shambles to visit Ramshambles, which is a lovely independent local yarn store right in the heart of this beautiful & ancient city. It’s tiny but perfectly formed and has a good stock of good brands but I was on the hunt for something local. Usually when you ask for locally produced stuff you’re pointed towards the expensive and often luxurious hand dyed skeins. Yesterday I was pointed at a whole wall of West Yorkshire Spinners woolly goodness! Absolutely gorgeous colours, a good selection of weights, very competitively priced and all produced locally. I could have purchased a significant amount but I resisted and treated myself to two balls of sock yarn. Look at these colours!


I obviously need to see how it knits up but I can definitely see myself buying some other weights and colours from this brand in the future.

I also bought these sheep stitch markers. I didn’t need them but I couldn’t resist!

A shop definitely worth a visit!

Across the weekend I also cracked on during my occasional spare moments with the retirement cushion!


Hope you’ve all had a good weekend. Mine was inspiring and contained yarn. Can’t ask for more really!

9 thoughts on “A weekend in York

  1. Your fuzzy yarn is gorgeous! I would just sit it on the side board and give it a squeeze every time I passed.
    Thanks for the heads up on the West Yorkshire Spinners. Here I am in West Yorkshire, not having heard of them!
    Glad you enjoyed York. One of my favourite places. Especially in the sunshine (and in a beer garden overlooking the river)


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