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A bouquet of pencils

Do you remember the film You’ve Got Mail? I love that film so much. This morning when I got a box of colouring pencils out for my niece, I was reminded of one of the lines from the film. The Tom Hanks character has written an e-mail to Meg Ryan’s character saying he’d like to give her a bunch of fresh sharpened pencils, which is an incredibly evocative picture anyway, and, well, this is what that looks like:


My niece is colouring in two books this morning. One for her mother and one for my mother for Mother’s Day. They’re really sweet – she’s drawing their favourite games, food and so on.

Plus it’s a nice quiet activity. Auntie Claire is mainlining coffee. She and Mollie woke me up at 6.30am, when I asked her to sit quietly & read her book, then at 7.05 to ask if she could borrow my iPad, then at 7.24 to ask for help with a word game. She wasn’t being naughty, just herself. At that point I gave in and got up… Anyway you can tell its a child free household when the only available pencil sharpener is a Chanel eyebrow pencil sharpener… (with an obligatory dog hair 😉)



2 thoughts on “A bouquet of pencils

  1. The image of the freshly sharpened pencils looks as beautiful as a vase of flowers, I did smile at the obligatory dog hair, they get every where don’t they 🙂


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