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Reliving my youth…

Yesterday I bought a pair of Dr Martens. Well sort of. Dr Martens by Golddigga, which isn’t a brand I know (but I suspect wouldn’t normally wear…) – they’re fabric and they were Β£18 from Sports Direct. My sister egged me on and I admit I am really taken with them. I last owned a purple pair of DMs 20 odd years ago. I loved those boots and wore them for years, although I can still remember the blisters from breaking them in! I realised today as I proudly strode out with my new boots on my feet that I was actually wearing exactly the same outfit as I used to wear when I had my purple pair – DMs, leggings & a tunic dress. Tho admittedly 20 years ago the dress was a lot shorter & the body was considerably thinner, and my choice of overwear probably wasn’t a handknit cardy. But hey…


I have been knitting, but I can’t get a good photo. Will post about it tomorrow.

20 thoughts on “Reliving my youth…

  1. My DM’s were forest green, boy I loved them boots, as you say the blisters weren’t funny though, love your flower encrusted ones, I may have to invest in some DM soon


  2. As a student, mine were ‘oxblood.’ Bought from Aflecks Palace in Manchester to go with my leggings and tunic. They survived years beyond the 3 years of cycling to Uni in a rainy Manchester. Takes me right back.


  3. Ooh LOVE the shoes! My mum assures me that I had DMs when I was about 3 years old…I think I came a generation too late to make the most of this fashion accessory 😦 thank God they’re making a comeback!


  4. adorable! I never had any, but my cool cousin did and I was always envious. πŸ™‚ and don’t apologize for the hand knit cardi – I bet it is gorgeous to match the boots!


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