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A jumper for my Dad…

As you know, I post on my blog most days and yet I haven’t posted for a week. This is because I set myself an UTTERLY ludicrous challenge a week ago and I literally needed to spend every minute doing it.

Last Sunday I found a very old WIP, from about six or seven years ago – a sea green tank top in broken rib stitch using a chunky Sirdar yarn I haven’t seen for years. I was visiting my Dad this weekend so I decided to finish it. Of course I did. I’d done 8 inches of the back and nothing else so it would be an easy romp home. Chunky yarn on 6.5mm needles too – easy. Yeah right. The truth is I’m a complete idiot. I have knitted before breakfast, in my lunchbreak, literally in every given minute over the last week just to finish it.

By the time I got to Dad’s yesterday morning I’d done the back and the front to the neck divide. I finished the front during the day. Dad and my StepMum go to bed early so I sat in bed and knitted the neckline and one armhole. This morning I finished the second armhole and sewed it together. It was an insane undertaking and apart from a couple of photos last night I haven’t even had time to take progress pictures… So here it is finished:



I’m pleased with it. It’s not supposed to be smart – it’s for wearing in the garden or around the house. Next project for him has to be something lovely in a really nice yarn.

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