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Crafting limbo

I’m in a weird place at the moment. We’re off to Australia to a family wedding tomorrow. We’re packed and I just have a few things to sort out ready for the friends who will be staying in our house while we’re away. The rabbits have gone off to board at the rescue they come from and I’ve left Mollie at Mum’s for Michelle the lovely dog care lady to pick up later. I’m even close to being ready to hand over to my temp at work (normally I hit that point at 5.30pm…), no this is around having nothing to knit or crochet. Or more accurately nothing I *want* to knit or crochet. In my backpack I have the start of my first 3×1 rib Churchmouse socks, four balls of Noro Kureyon

20140401-085728.jpg and two balls of dark green Aran weight flecked yarn to make some cushion covers for my sister… I think this is probably enough to keep me busy for my downtime over three weeks but I’ve also packed two other balls of sock wool! I will be staggered if I come home with three pairs of socks! So I’m prepared for travelling but I’ve finished the key projects I was working on and have nothing to do before I go. Or more accurately, nothing I’m inclined to work on. *sighs*. Plus I woke up at 4am and am now exhausted! Roll on tomorrow…

6 thoughts on “Crafting limbo

  1. I hate being in limbo with projects. Oh yes, there are always the fill-ins like premature baby hats for the hospital but the real fun comes from that next exciting project. Good luck.


  2. travel safely! While you may not come home with three pairs of socks, you MIGHT come home with more yarn! Who knows what amazing things you will find in Australia? 🙂 Have you given your niece the travel blanket yet? Maybe it will encourage her to sleep n the long flight.

    Enjoy the wedding and the land down under. post lots of photos!


      • glad she liked the blanket! Yes, I would not even try to resist yarn stores when in a foreign country. One of my best experiences in Germany was in a little shop in Tubingen, passing the German/English-English/German dictionary back and forth with the clerk until we understood each other. And I got some wonderful stuff at the end of it.


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