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Since I last posted…

We flew from Sydney to Melbourne on Monday, picked up this CRAZY minibus (which I was supposed to drive) to drive down to Phillip Island. We had been told this took an hour. It took three hours… We were on Phillip Island to see the little penguins when they go back to their burrows at night time. We arrived at the Penguin Parade with 20 minutes to spare! They were delightful and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Prior to this we had arrived at our motel about 5.30pm (having travelled all day) and had a very instructive conversation with the motel owner. We were *supposed* to be travelling on the the following day by ferry from Phillip Island to someway along the Great Ocean Road and then driving back along it to Melbourne, where we were staying at the Holiday Inn at the airport before flying onwards. Only the ferry was 2 hours driving from our motel and where we would end up would mean we would have to drive all day without stopping to get back. Needless to say this all got cancelled as we just physically couldn’t do what had been booked for us. I was disappointed as this was the only bit of the trip I had suggested, but totally in agreement we shouldn’t do it. In the end the weather was so dreadful that we wouldn’t have seen anything even if we had gone on the Great Ocean Road. So we ended up staying on Phillip Island yesterday until about 4pm, visiting the seals, seeing the blow hole, and visiting the chocolate factory. D, who is a former soldier, discovered the Australian National Vietnam Veterans Museum and happily spent most of the day there. We the drove back to Melbourne airport, dropped the crazy and uncomfortable van off and stayed overnight at the Holiday Inn (where we had a very nice dinner that was extortionately expensive) before departing for Cairns this morning. It’s gorgeous here, lovely and warm, nice apartment, already been for a swim. Just one issue… They’re expecting a cyclone on Friday… Our trip to the Great Barrier Reef has been cancelled! We’re hoping to rebook for Sunday. So it’s been eventful.

5 thoughts on “Since I last posted…

  1. I am sorry your trip is having so many adjustments, but perhaps you will find things this way that you wouldn’t have otherwise. I hope the cyclone doesn’t materialize!


  2. Sounds like an adventure. You are rolling with the flow nicely. I hope you get to the Great Barrier Reef sans cyclone.


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