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Home – but No Yarn…

I loved every minute of my three weeks in Australia, Cyclone Ita included, but I failed on one point. We never found a yarn store. I don’t know why I assumed I’d just find one (like I did in Newcastle, Australia 5 years ago) but I didn’t! I did find one, after a search online, in Brisbane, that sounded brilliant, called Tangled Yarns but in the end I just couldn’t make it to the shop. Which was a shame but I wasn’t about to give up my chance to cuddle a koala…!

Which you’re allowed to do in Queensland, though when they say cuddle, they mean hold it for 15 secs while you have your picture taken! Mine was called Eeyore, she did a poo on me… Mum got Rodney who either did a wee or dribbled eucalyptus juice on her white top. She’d never worn it before and had to throw it away! He was cute though. This was at the marvellous Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary just outside Brisbane. If you’re ever in the area, it’s well worth a visit!

Also latterly it was too hot to use wool. I boil at 28c – anyone who lives in Oz or NZ or the US can laugh now – so I put the knitting away and read books and did Sudoku! In retrospect taking all wool projects wasn’t the cleverest…

My highlights of my holiday were visiting Uluru (every single bit of it):



Going up in a propeller plane over Fraser Island:


Visiting the koala sanctuary – this one is from the retirement section where they’re all over 12! :


Oh and the wedding at Sydney Opera House of course!

My sad bits were not driving the Great Ocean Road because of the rain and not visiting The Great Barrier Reef or the Daintree Rain Forest while we were in Port Douglas because of Cyclone Ita. But a good excuse to go back!

Anyway I’m going to spend the next little while catching up with everyone else’s blog.


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