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Jet-lagged but still wielding the crochet hook!

I wanted to finish the two cushion covers I set out to make while I was on holiday before I went back to work on Monday. So today I did and here they are! They’re now going to my Mum’s for the zips to be sewn in (I never have learned to set a zip…) and to be stored til August and G’s birthday.




Apart from that and staggering amounts of washing, the other thing I did today was hang the painting we bought in Australia. It’s called ‘Star or Seven Sister’s Dreaming’ by an Aboriginal artist called Alma Nungarrayi Granites. We were told by the owner of the art gallery where we bought it that only women of the Nungarrayi tribe in the Northern Territory are permitted to paint this story. I think it’s just beautiful.

20140426-202838.jpg I’ve hung it in the most visible location in our house – just opposite the sitting room door – you can’t help but see it if you go out of the house or up the stairs. 😄

And tomorrow there’s a threat that I might go with some friends to the Creative Crafts Show at the Bath & West Showground, where there will be at least THREE yarn stalls! Yay!

19 thoughts on “Jet-lagged but still wielding the crochet hook!

  1. Each pillow you make looks better than the last! So very cozy. Lovely painting, I bet it looks even richer in person.


      • It is! The one I’m working on is rather heavy, more like something one would use as a weapon of self defense, than something to snuggle up to. *Thwack!* “Take that burglar!”
        Yours are much nicer. 🙂


      • Ah but there is definitely a place for good dense cushions. Ok, hitting burglars is one (!), but more importantly at your back when you want to be comfy. I think the joy of these is the yarn. I love Noro.


      • I do too, Noro is magic with colour and texture. I have a few skeins of their sock yarn I am saving for the perfect project.


      • I used to feel guilty buying non British yarn but after the tsunami I figured supporting Japanese businesses was ok 😉
        I have five skeins of their silk garden I am saving for something nice too. One day….!


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