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Extreme Crochet

Today I went to the Stitching and Creative Crafts show at the Bath & West Showground in Shepton Mallet with my friends Sam and Josh. We decided to go last night and didn’t know what to expect. I admit I was disappointed. With the title of the show I expected quite a few stalls that would interest me, but unfortunately it was mostly card making, paper cutting and printing stalls. There were a couple of stalls selling cross stitch and tapestry paraphernalia, a number selling fabrics and associated notions, some sewing machine stalls, one lovely stall that Sam got sucked into selling needle felting kits and equipment, a few that had yarn – but it was the cheaper end of the market, not the hand dyed special stuff I’d hoped for – and my favourite stall by far was Rachel John’s extreme textiles and needles and hooks. I already own some of her 25mm wooden needles, so I was keen to buy an extreme crochet hook. I bought this 15mm one:


And then, inspired by some samples they had hanging up I bought some yarn (feels like t-shirt material) to make some seat pads for my outside chairs.

20140427-153926.jpg I hope I can not get engrossed in making these before I have done some other more time sensitive projects!

I am absolutely positive that if paper work was your chosen craft that you would be delighted with the Stitching & Creative Crafts show; if a sewist you would be happy with the selection, but it wasn’t satisfying for a yarn addict! I think we have an agreement to go to one that is more yarn filled later in the year! 😄

9 thoughts on “Extreme Crochet

  1. Sorry your day was a little disappointing, are there any yarn filled shows that you are aware of, I’d love a good roam round one


  2. Paper-based crafts seem to have become suddenly very trendy/popular. But at least fibre-lovers have Yarndale and Wonderwool, etc, That crochet hook is truly amazing! Am looking forward to seeing the finished work.


  3. Aww it’s a shame that the show wasn’t what you were hoping for. I visited the Knitting and Stitching show in Harrogate a couple of years ago and it was fantastic! Again, there were an awful lot of stalls selling fabric, but there were some beautiful yarn stalls too and the event was huge! I’m hoping to go again this year 🙂


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