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A day out at the American Museum in Bath

There’s a Kaffe Fassett exhibition on at the American Museum in Bath and I’d invited my Mum to go with me today. The first thing we saw as we walked down from the car park was two yarn bombed lamps and some railings!


Further on we could see a tree, beautifully decorated with pom-poms and lampshades:





Just outside the exhibition building there were these fabulous fabric flags. See the matching cushions on the bench?!



And there was bunting round the cafe!

20140503-212952.jpg I’m pretty certain all the fabric in the decorations was Kaffe Fassett designed fabric.

The whole atmosphere of the place was amazing, as was the small but perfectly formed exhibition. It was really good to be able to see the knitted pieces up close. We didn’t touch (as per the notices) but we certainly got close to peer at things!

My only comment – and this isn’t a criticism – is I think they missed an opportunity to flog yarn to people like me! There were lots of his books on knitting and quilting in the shop along with a few choices of fabric and a very very small selection of Rowan Yarn. They could have removed the tables of ‘gift-shop-stuff’ and replaced it with selections that would enable you to knit one of his designs. Or even a kit with the yarn and a pattern included.

We then popped into the main museum and enjoyed looking round, walked round the garden, and visited the cafe and enjoyed the view!



Definitely somewhere to visit again!

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