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A little bit of everything…

I’m cracking on with the crochet owl blanket at present. This is what I managed to do yesterday evening:


There’s so little because Mum was helping me weed my front garden prior to planting some pansies & petunias!


Mollie and Mum’s crazy spangold Lucy ‘helped’…



We’re on clay so I gave to work lots of compost through my bed each year before I plant up. We’re waiting for a dry day to do that and then plant the plants we have. It’s my only flower bed!

And finally I have not shared this little bit of startitis I suffered last week! I discovered I’d left the pattern for one baby jumper elsewhere so what could I do but start another…


8 thoughts on “A little bit of everything…

  1. Lovely items. Your crochet stitches are so nicely done. A question: your mums dog is a combo of what breeds? She look so like our German Pointer and Labrador mix that passed on last year. The photo of her with the tennis ball is precious. And Mollie is precious and beautiful too. (Don’t want her to feel left out).


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