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Doily? Mandala? Whatever, I’ve joined the bandwagon…

I’m not crazy about the new fashion for mandalas. I have never liked doilies and I’m not the kind of person that has that kind of thing hanging around in my house. While I like pretty things I don’t go in for ornaments or extraneous stuff (excluding books, notebooks, pens & knitting/crochet accoutrements) much. Mandalas seem to me to be jolly doilies in pretty colours, which is absolutely fine if you like that kind of thing. I knew it was a new fashion when the owner of my fabulous local yarn store told me about their new crochet mandala course. Hmmmm.

However I’ve seen some folks whose blogs I read start making them and they’re very pretty. And look like they’re fun to make. When I finished the owl blanket I was thinking about what I could make and it suddenly occurred to me that if I made an *enormous* doily/mandala it would be useful because it’d actually be a tablecloth! My Mum had a lovely little round table she uses a lot and it would look lovely with a crochet tablecloth on it… So here’s the start:


I won’t be doing this only for the next while as I have a number of other projects to get on with, but I shall do a round now and again. Should finish it by my Mum’s birthday in August.

5 thoughts on “Doily? Mandala? Whatever, I’ve joined the bandwagon…

    • I’ve always thought of myself as a knitter who does a bit of crochet but I’m really hooked (haha pun not intended!) on crochet at the moment. My next big project is a crochet cardy for myself. But not for a while as I have a couple of little cardies for our soon to be born granddaughter to finish and I need to catch up on my snowflake CAL & sock KAL!


  1. If your cloth is anything like as time consuming as the shawl I’m knitting at the moment an August deadline will be here too quickly 🙂


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