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Finish It Challenge 2014

A few weeks ago Pia of Stitches & Scraps & I were having a conversation online about CALs & KALs and we agreed that what we both needed was a Finish Along for some projects we’d had for a long time.

And from that conversation the Finish It Challenge 2014 was born.

The challenge is running from 1st to 31st July.

To qualify for the challenge, all WIPs must have been started at least 6 months ago and must be finished before July 31st.

Any and all fibre arts are welcome.

We have a Ravelry group you can join here.

Pia and I will be updating about the challenge on our blogs (please do follow both of us!) but the main place for photos and updates will be Ravelry.

We’ve got an Instagram Account called Finish It 2014. The hashtag will be #finishitchallenge2014 – please do post your photos there as well as Ravelry!

We also have a Pinterest board. Please message Pia with your Pinterest user name & she’ll add you.

We also have a button you can add to your blog. Click on any of the buttons below to save them to your photo file. For clever code stuff please head on over to Pia’s post as she has them all there!

I really hope if you have a 6 month or more WIP that you’ll join our challenge! I know myself the pleasure of finishing an old WIP – earlier in the year I finished a jumper I’d started making for my Dad 6 or 7 years ago. It was so old the yarn had been discontinued for almost as long. But I finished it and it was such a pleasure to hand over.

For this challenge I’m aiming to finish the blanket of guilt – or in other words a ripple crochet blanket I’m making for my Mum. It’s been on the go for 18 months. I’ve occasionally tried to enthuse myself and failed. But I need this challenge as I plan to give it to her for her birthday on August 10th!

Hope you can join us. Click here for the Ravelry group to sign up.




7 thoughts on “Finish It Challenge 2014

  1. great idea… I don’t think I have any WIPS that old, but I will go dig around and see what I find. You just never know what is lurking in the upstairs closet.


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