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Back to my knitting

I’m not enjoying knitting today… I want my crochet hook back! I used to think of myself as a knitter that dabbled in crochet but this may be changing…. Anyway today I finished the sleeves for a baby cardigan. I love this yarn!



Just to add the neckband, button band & to sew it up.

12 thoughts on “Back to my knitting

  1. what a fun, cheerful sweater! As for the knitting vs crocheting thing – I know I go through spells where I just do a lot of one or the other. It has been lots of knitting with a little crocheting lately, but I know that could change at any time! In fact, I have begun crocheting squares with left over sock yarn, and I have close to 30 of them done. I thin kour brains have to switch it up to stay creatively tuned. πŸ™‚


      • lol – and she will look adorable in it all! And if she is a he, then tuck it all away for the next baby. and crochet like mad to make some boy things. πŸ™‚


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