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Stepgranddaughter’s imminent arrival = ridiculous yarn based activity…

Now the owl blanket is done I’m unfortunately back to my bad habits. I’m supposed to be finishing either of the knitted cardigans I’ve started for her and in one case pretty much finished, but for some reason (because all I want to do is crochet) I started a crochet cardigan in a lovely aqua with a sparkle through it instead. It’s a James Brett baby acrylic, which is new to me, but it will be a perfect summer cover up.

And then today I bought this in my LYS, Marmalade Yarns! Pretty yarn to crochet and a button to fasten it!


As well as these gorgeous buttons for this cardy:



And this one for the aqua cardy.


I 💛 buttons.

This is the progress of aforementioned aqua cardy! Sorry for the terrible light & therefore bad colour.


Anyway, if she hasn’t arrived by next Wednesday, she’s being induced to do so, so I shall have to have everything ready in about 10 days as I’m assuming D won’t drive 300 miles there and back to visit on a day he’s due to work overnight….

9 thoughts on “Stepgranddaughter’s imminent arrival = ridiculous yarn based activity…

  1. I love buttons too, I recently inherited my Mums button tin which is actually an ancient farleys rusk tin from when I was little. I remember spending hours emptying it out and sorting the buttons by colour or size. The cardigans are all so lovely, she will be the best dressed babe I am sure.


  2. all those sweaters and buttons are great! I know tha toyu will finish everythign you need to, because of the deadline. 🙂 And since crochet works up so fast, you will have lots of time to finish the knitted things. lol


  3. That cardy is gorgeous! The colours are adorable. I love buttons too – I can’t help myself. I even bid at a charity auction recently for a box of old buttons. They weren’t even “old” old, just used, but I had to have them! 😀


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