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Extreme Crochet

It’s only really been nice enough to start really sitting in the garden this last week or so and I’ve been thinking about a cushion for the bench. So today I dug out the 3 cones of super chunky t-shirt yarn and 15mm hook I bought some weeks ago:


It’s actually quite hard to manipulate both the yarn & hook – you have to go quite slowly:


I had planned to do this all afternoon, but Mum popped round for lunch and then we got into conversation with D about decorating Mum and I are doing next Thurs – Sun. D and I have bought a new sofa and the sitting room needs decorating. We’ve chosen two really nice neutrals, Dulux Ivory Lace for 3 walls and Dulux Hay Bale for the window wall. Annoyingly they were his choice. Most of the colours I picked he hated, and vice versa. These were his compromise picks, I quite like the Ivory Lace, and Hay Bale is actually quite close to what I originally wanted but I didn’t mention that when he picked it 😉 and I chose the teal colour of the sofa so I suppose it’s fair enough!! My top choice of neutral Dulux Walnut White we have agreed will be the colour we will choose as and when we have the hall stairs & landing decorated. (Probably 10 years time!)

Anyway after we’d bought paint I had an hour in the garden with my crochet!



The England bunting is in honour of the World Cup. Plus if I’m honest, any excuse for putting up bunting. 😄

And now we’re off out for dinner with friends before Damon heads to the pub to watch England vs Italy at 11pm. If they get to the semi finals I might go with him…

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