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Mollie’s had an operation

This week Mollie had to have an operation. She had an external growth on her stomach, attached to one of her nipples. We had been monitoring it for several years as the vet felt it was benign and not attached to her mammary glands. The deal was as soon as she started fussing with it they’d operate. I caught her licking it on Wednesday and although it wasn’t urgent, in order to avoid her traumatising the area by licking, they operated on Friday. The growth has been sent off for tests but the vet is sure there’s nothing to worry about. Phew!

She came home last night in a green leotard type thing which is the alternative to the plastic cone!


She does a good line in looking pathetic!



And this morning, although she hadn’t made a murmur all night, and had had medication with her breakfast which had had a chance to work, as soon as D got back from work she started whining like she was in terrible pain and got Dad cuddles…


She has to wear the leotard til at least Monday! She isn’t enjoying it!


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