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Saturday afternoon crochet

I started my sister’s birthday present today. I had to go up from a 6mm hook to a 6.5mm to get the tension correct.


This Rowan by Amy Butler yarn is PERFECT!

And the reason I’ve not been posting or crafting much (apart from the whole Mollie thing) is because I’ve been decorating. This shows the new colours of the walls in my sitting room. Nice & neutral (and not in my usual palette!) but perfect to go with a teal coloured sofa! (Arriving soon.)

20140621-203340-74020843.jpg the colours are both Dulux and are Ivory Lace & Hay Bale.

5 thoughts on “Saturday afternoon crochet

  1. Lol, I can’t wait to see the sofa 🙂

    Love the colour of the yarn for your sisters’ present 🙂

    How is poor Molly today? Milking it with her usual hard done to Labrador expressions? 😉


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