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Pin cushion diversion

So late this afternoon after I had fully cleared up from the decorating I was sitting in the garden trying to decide whether to do some more of my sister’s cardy (which requires concentration and is nearly at the bit where I need to try it on her) or whether to crochet some hexagons, something I’m doing as and when to make a bathmat for Mum.

I was pretty tired and was about to plump for hexagons when I decided to read some blog posts. My friend Lavender Toast (she writes a multi craft blog – and more importantly she’s the Mum of Millie the chocolate Labrador, one of Mollie’s friends) was bemoaning the quality of shop bought pin cushions and talking about some crochet ones she’d seen on Pinterest. Only problem was she doesn’t crochet. Before you could say Rico Cotton Essentials DK I’d offered to do one and that’s what I started doing this evening. Pattern from Hooked on Needles here.

There was a looooong hiatus where I helped a neighbour rescue an injured baby bird and take it to the vet – to be put to sleep sadly. šŸ˜¢

Here’s where I got up to!



It’s a very pleasant diversion!

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