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Finish It Challenge starts on Tuesday!

It’s nearly time for our Finish It Challenge to start.


StitchesnScraps and I are very excited to get started with this one!

If you’ve signed up, now is the time to dig out your WIP, post a photo onto the Ravelry page and to start preparing. Here’s a few tips to get your start off to a flying start!

– find your pattern. Or work out what you were doing!
– if you’re following a pattern locate where you are in that pattern.
– have a quick look at your work, are you confident you haven’t made any mistakes in it?
– locate the right needles/ hook/ any other paraphernalia you’ll need!
– put it into your favourite [insert craft of choice] bag. A bit psychological this one, but chances are if it’s been hanging around for ages it will be in a bag you don’t use very often and possibly don’t like. Put it into the one you use every day.

And you’re ready to get started on Tuesday!

I also think there’s a good argument for asking ourselves WHY this WIP is so old. Is it because it’s tedious or too complicated or is it because secretly you don’t like the yarn/ pattern/ combination of both? If it’s the first few you’ll love the Finish It Challenge because it’ll get something you like done. If you aren’t sure about what you’re doing, if there’s something about it you don’t like, then you have to ask yourself, will I wear/ use this. If not then frogging something is a perfectly good option.

I’m going to be finishing a blanket during July. This one!

I love the yarn & the way it looks, it’s just BORING! 32 minutes a row! But I’ve got a couple of projects upstairs I know I’m not going to finish, so I’m going to frog them, liberate the needles & wind the yarn up for using in something else.

Look forward to seeing everyone’s creations on Ravelry during July!

5 thoughts on “Finish It Challenge starts on Tuesday!

  1. What a great idea – and great incentive to finish a project! Definitely got one in mind – something I’ve unpicked twice and haven’t had the heart to go back to!


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