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My personal Finish It Challenge

I blogged earlier about the Finish It Challenge that Stitches n Scraps and I are running over on Ravelry. And I wanted to share with you one of the two blankets that started the whole thing off. No doubt she’ll tell you about hers! So this is my Finish It Challenge:

20140630-184540-67540809.jpg Otherwise known as the blanket of guilt. I’ll explain. Several years ago I made my sister a really pretty ripple blanket; she’d specifically asked for a single size as she gets cold and her husband doesn’t, and I held the DK yarn doubled. I found it boring but it grew quickly and I did two rows a night last thing. It was hard work but paid off. When Mum saw it she asked me to make her one, only she wanted it thinner (ie DK weight) and double bed sized. I agreed, started the thing and then realised what a commitment I’d made! I love the wool I’ve chosen:

20140630-185052-67852592.jpg I think it’s really pretty too:

20140630-185126-67886841.jpg The only problem is it’s a lot of rippling. And I get bored easily. I like complicated patterns! I call it the blanket of guilt because Mum asked for it and I want to get it done for her but I’ve put it aside too many times for more interesting projects. However it’s time has come. I’ve mentally committed to it! The only exception will be my Socks with Sarah socks which will be my train project. I’ve bought a 2.5mm Addi circular specially! I’ve dipped out of this KAL for a couple of months because of my knitting wrist (a knitting related injury!) and I am diving right back in again alongside the Finish It Challenge. So there’s my story. Please drop in to our group on Ravelry and see what everyone else is finishing!

5 thoughts on “My personal Finish It Challenge

  1. The blanket is so pretty, the colours are lovely and warm. I too have a blanket that I started making with my mum-in-law and I have vowed to get that finished. Not sure if I can make happen by the end of August with the yarn bombing project on the go at the same time but I will definitely make in my mission to finish it by the end of September.


  2. I LOVE this blanket although I can we why you might have put it down once or twice!
    I hope to join in with you all in a couple of weeks when I shall work on my half finished socks! How long are you running your challenge?


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