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Possibly monotonous

As someone who posts about different projects I’ve picked up and down frequently, I’m rather concerned my posts over the next month may be a little monotonous! After all my pattern hasn’t going to give any surprises and I am *determined* to get this bloomin blanket done!

Today has been lovely in Somerset. We started the morning off with breakfast in the garden. I don’t like breakfast food much so I often have pitta bread with hummus spread on it. You might think its odd but I like it. Nutritious and the stuff I have isn’t wildly calorific. Anyway, Mollie loves to lick the pot out!


I took the blanket to work intending to do a little in my lunchbreak. In the end I got to do a row while the electrics were being checked.


Then D suggested meeting during lunch, so we took Mollie to the park & had a drink in the cafe. It was a glorious day! Mollie was a bit miffed we wouldn’t let her off the lead, but there were people picnicking quite apart from the local bylaw is that dogs have to be on a lead in the park. (I should know, I was on the committee that passed it!) Look at this face!


After work we did a little shopping for the weekend – my Dad and stepmother are visiting (staying with my sister) – there’s a party and I have to cook stuff… More of that tomorrow and Saturday no doubt. Then I sat in the garden.


D made dinner! It was extremely large chunks of lettuce, cucumber & celery, whole cherry tomatoes (I think it’s called rustic presentation) and thinly sliced (?!) beetroot with fried halloumi. It was delicious, even if I did have to help with the halloumi… 😉

20140703-222722-80842119.jpg yes I’m practically finished, but we were eating outside and it was so fab!

Then a little more of this. Half a row more & I’ve done my four for the day.


Tomorrow I’ll tell you about my new non yarn obsession. 😄

7 thoughts on “Possibly monotonous

  1. Don’t worry! You are more than your crocheting. 🙂 Love the Mollie photos, and the al fresco dinner – it looks like it was delicious and fun to eat outside. Can’t wait to hear the new obsession!


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