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Something a bit different

So, I promise you I am getting on with the blanket. However, it looks the same as yesterday and I want to share something cool with you!

A week or so back, Martine from iMake posted about this amazing new app called Waterlogue that turns photos into simulated water colour paintings. Goodness me, it’s my new obsession! It’s great fun, quite addictive and best of all Requires Absolutely No Talent Whatsoever.

I started with pictures of my garden:

Was from this photo:


And this!

From this


Mollie looks fabulous in watercolour:



But it’s not brilliant on knitting/ crochet projects 😦


I took a selfie to see how it did portraits. I’m not convinced…



But it’s brilliant for dogs! Here’s Lucy, wet from the sea.


I can’t recommend the app highly enough! Most photos I take are Waterlogued now!

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