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Sunday in the garden


The morning started rather unexpectedly with D making chocolate brownies. He hardly ever cooks so I was surprised – but pleased!


My friends Sam and Josh and my Mum came round for lunch, with their craft bags and dogs! So we had two crochet blankets and one black cotton cardy in progress as well as Mollie, Lucy the spangold and Bentley the lurcher…


Sam is working on the most amazing granny square blanket:


As he’s also taking part in the Finish It Challenge, I took a photo of our blankets together (we had a bench each as you need to spread out when blanket constructing!) – not exactly neutral!


Mollie kept stealing Bentley’s bed…



So he chilled out on the grass


And after Lucy the hooligan broke some pansies, wore one in his collar!

He’s so sweet – a rescue who has landed on his paws!

It was a lovely day and much work on the respective blankets was done. I manage to catch myself up having done none on Friday or Saturday! After everyone had gone I did more outside, then inside! Determined to finish this in July!


8 thoughts on “Sunday in the garden

  1. sounds like a great day! I know you will finish the balnket, remember, last summer we finished the stripey CAL blanket, so hang inthere. Sam’s looks like it is fussy as all get out to work on, but really beautiful and cheerful. So, does yoru Mom know that the blanket you are working so madly on is for her?


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