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4 thoughts on “Knitting in trains 2014 #5

  1. Excuse my ignorance (I’m not the least tech savvie ) but is that a kindle type device with your knitting pattern on ??? ….. please tell me more….in great detail, thanks 🙂 I know you may be having a little chuckle to yourself but in my defence we have only just discovered the wondrous electricity thing in our neck of the woods LOL


    • LOL! It’s an iPad. I download patterns from Ravelry & store them in an app called GoodNotes – using this I can not only read them but make notes & highlight too. My iPad has changed my life. I know that sounds dramatic but I do everything on it – including blog!


  2. Out of interest, I do put patterns on my Kindle if I’m travelling. I find word docs easiest as you can adjust the size of the print if necessary, but PDFs work too. Mind you, my pretty little notebook (the paper variety) works well too!


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