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A yarn gift

My friend Maxine who co-owns my LYS Marmalade Yarns sent me a text today asking me to pop into her shop. I tend to go most Wednesday lunchtimes, work load permitting, so it was no hardship! I buy all my yarn from them unless it’s a range they don’t stock (or I’m on holiday and buying a local hand dyed skein) because I think it’s really important to support local yarn stores. Which is why Incogknitter‘s Yarn Shop Day through Let’s Knit Magazine is so important! Use them or lose them! And I would be LOST without Marmalade! You’d think visiting frequently would be too much of a temptation but funnily enough it isn’t. If I’m in the mood for yarn purchases I will but other times I can be well behaved. 😃

Anyway today I went in and she presented me with these two beautiful skeins of yarn.


A lady she knows was de-stashing and had given her some yarn she knew she wouldn’t use. Maxine thought I would like these ones and gave them to me. Isn’t that so lovely?! They don’t have labels so I don’t know what they are but they’re both sock yarn and feel very good quality. I imagine the acid yellow yarn is hand dyed. As sock yarn is usually 380-420 metres a skein I imagine that’s what I have here. Plenty for socks or a small shawl. The possibilities are endless! I’m so chuffed with my new yarn and for having such a lovely friend.

While I was in Marmalade I saw this book and had to get it. 100 Colourful Ripple Stitches to Crochet by Leonid Morgan.

20140716-182952-66592020.jpg I know I’ve said I’m never doing a ripple blanket again (and right now I do mean it!) but I would love to make this:

20140716-183330-66810379.jpg Or this:

Or these!

20140716-183430-66870378.jpg Fabulous! Now I must get back to the blanket of doom. See you soon!

9 thoughts on “A yarn gift

  1. those yarns are great, but I laughed out loud at the book you chose! Yes, those are great patterns, and I predict there will be a blanket in your future, someday. 🙂


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