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Sunny Somerset

Today I drove my MP boss on day 3 of his annual village tour, which, over two weeks takes him to every village in the constituency. There are approx 150, not counting towns and hamlets. Today was in South Somerset, on the levels. We visited the gloriously named villages of Ash, Coat, Bower Hinton, Long Load, Drayton, Curry Rivel, Fivehead, Curry Mallet, Beercrocombe, Isle Abbots, Ilton and Isle Brewers. It is an exceptionally beautiful part of the world, and mostly you’re driving down narrow lanes with the sun dappling through the trees. Plus it was 28C so it was nice to be in an air conditioned car! I took a couple of pictures of my day:

The village shop and tea garden at Curry Mallet. I bought some fantastic local honey and two gorgeous loaves of homemade bread there.


Standing with my back to shop in Curry Mallet:


Crochet in the car at Beercrocombe:

20140725-214414-78254157.jpg I did take the blanket with me but it was too hot having it on my lap, so I switched to my current train project, a cotton bathmat.

The village green in Beercrocombe.


Crochet at Ilton. You can just see a gorgeous thatched farmhouse through the window:


And out last stop, a picture looking towards a beautiful old house in Isle Brewers. They had lots of garden produce for sale with an honesty jar! I got some runner beans and a courgette for Ā£1.25.


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