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Pompom garland

My nephew & niece have been here this morning. My nephew first mowed the lawn (for an agreed payment), then, being 12, ensconced himself on the sofa with his tablet. My niece helped clean out the rabbits and to groom them as they are moulting.

20140726-141928-51568383.jpg Ollie and Flo just love cardboard boxes. Sitting in them, chewing them, wrecking them 😉

She and I then sat in the garden.


She made pom-poms with some chunky yarn I bought her in the discount shop…


While I worked on the blanket of doom joy and happiness…


Mollie snoozed…


Then, when she had made 8 pom-poms and the yarn was mostly used, I crocheted a chain incorporating their ties and suddenly we had a great big Ta-Dah!


8 thoughts on “Pompom garland

  1. What a perfect way to spend the day, the blanket of joy is looking stunning, congratulate your niece on a job well done…..looks like Molly has the best spot 🙂


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