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Today I’ve been at home because my asthma is bad. Mostly I’ve read or done some knitting. Or had a little snooze! I do hate being asthmatic.

Anyway…I had a craving to knit shawls while grinding out the Thank God It’s Done Blanket. When I made my Christmas crafting list I decided I wanted to make shawls for people for Christmas. (And maybe one for me 😉).

The ones I want to make are:

Anything Martina Behm has ever designed.
Nymphalidea by Melinda VerMeer.
Lancet Shawl and Traveling Woman by Liz Abinante. I love her designs.
Scarab Shawl & Irulan by Barbara Benson. Yes you guessed it I love all of her designs as well.
Reverse Psychology by Mindy Ross.

There are SO many fabulous ones to choose from. I only haven’t included one from one of my favourite designers, Stephen West, because they need to be knit on circular needles and having knit for the first time in six weeks today, I know my wrist isn’t up to it yet.

So what did I do today apart from feel unwell? Well I cast on Hitchhiker by Martina Behm last night.


I’m using Schoppelwolle Laceball held together with silver Kidsilk Haze.


Aren’t the colours glorious!


And by this evening I’d done this.

20140730-203943-74383621.jpg I love that it’s an eight row repeat and I am enjoying (for now) some mindless garter stitch.

17 thoughts on “Shawls

  1. sorry you aren’t well, but glad that you are back to knitting things that get done in a reasonable amount of time! I haven’t tried Hitchhiker yet, though I do see it on the blogosphere now and then. I might have to try it, it looks like a fun, fast knit!


  2. Gah. You fellow bloggers make me want to cast on for my very own Hitchhiker. Each project is better than the last! I feel as if I HAVE to knit my own version. Peer pressure? 🙂


    • I think you would be fine if you’re a good knitter. The key thing is whether you’ve done lace before? The pattern is very well written line by line so you probably could manage. I think the colour change yarn is really important too.


      • I’ve never done lace before but I might just give it a go. I agree the colour change is very important. I’ve been looking at them all on ravelry and particularly like the way there are different colours falling around the neck.


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