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Knitting on trains 2014 #6

Off to Kent to see my Dad.
1st August 2014

16.08 Westbury to London Paddington. 30 minute delay.


In London most of the underground lines I could use were closed due to a signal failure. I had missed the train I was due to take before I started queuing for a taxi! One taxi ride from London Paddington to London St Pancras later…

19.42 London St Pancras to Broadstairs, Kent.



12 thoughts on “Knitting on trains 2014 #6

  1. Yay for knitting! I know my knitting keeps me sane in stressful situations… And yours is looking lovely! I really like the yarn. Is it a mohair or mohair blend?


    • πŸ˜‰ I’m not! My stepmother is from Broadstairs originally which is why they moved to Kingsgate some years ago. It’s very beautiful part of the world. I always love coming here just wish Frome was by the sea!


      • People always say its so beautiful there, but growing up I learnt to hate the place and couldn’t wait to move away! Even though my parents and nan still live there I rarely visit!


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