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Mum and I went to Bath today. Apart from a considerable amount of time spent in the Apple store, we entirely devoted our time to Marks & Spencer. I found a clock for our sitting room and this FABULOUS cushion!


While Mum ransacked the clothing department I found the hats! I LOVE hats. I really regret that wearing a hat when you go out has gone out of fashion. I have several hats I wear during the winter, including a camel coloured cloche and a red trilby. And today I found two more!

A tweedy Miss Marple-esque effort:



And a navy blue asymmetrical hat to wear with my navy winter coat. Ooh I love this one. It’s my new best hat for when I travel to London or go to meetings. 😃



Excuse the dodgy selfies. But YAY for hats!

17 thoughts on “Hats!

  1. The hats are cool, undoubtedly, but that cushion is amazing! And I say that as someone who so isn’t usually into printed/trendy/cushiony stuff. But that is gorgeous. Do we get to see a photo of it in situ at home? Hope you enjoyed Bath.


    • Haha yes they certainly were. I was gurning for Britain. Mostly I was trying to make sure that the most hideous spot that erupted on my cheek on Friday wasn’t visible! It’s typical isn’t it – right before my holidays.


  2. Brilliant, I love hats too, everyday ones and ‘Ascot’ ones! I make some and buy some. I’m crocheting a Cloche style one at the moment – I’ll post photos on my blog now that I’ve seen yours:)


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