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I bought myself a Fitbit pedometer a month or so ago in a bid to improve my fitness. I’m aiming at present for 5000+ steps a day, to build over the next six months to 10,000 steps/ 5 miles a day. As a severe asthmatic this is hard work and I’m averaging about 4750 a day at present. My Mum knowing this just gave me an early birthday card:

How fab is that?! I’m going to be 42 on Saturday… How did that happen?

Anyway this is likely to be the last post from me until next Monday. I’m off to Malta tomorrow evening for a few days.


14 thoughts on “Pedometer…

  1. love the card! You have a very happy birthday, young lady! And a fab trip to Malta, can;t wait to see photos.

    I started Hitchhiker with some yarn I happen to have, and will work on gathering the yarn for Leftie so maybe we can knit it in September? What do you think? I like Hitchhiker so far, but I can’t help but notice the rows are getting long, adn I am many points from done. lol.


    • I’m on point 31 but the rows are long! I think the recommended number is 41. I’m not taking it to Malta, I’ve packed the bathmat crochet and some socks. Socks are a good thing to knit on hols! Still the Churchmouse pattern. Next pair I’m doing toe up – I’ll be asking you to recommend a pattern! As for Leftie, yes September as long as I’m not the candidate for an upcoming county council by-election! I’ve applied for selection, so I’ll know by the 21st whether or not it’ll be me. Hope so, I like being a district councillor but county is more strategic and they cover education and social services, which I’m interested in. If I am, perhaps we could do October?


      • socks ARE great traveling projects, and that bath mat is just too stinking cute, I am glad it gets to travel. I would be glad to be your toe-up consultant. 🙂

        October is fine, or even November if that is how it works out. I don’t have any yarn yet. 🙂 I have a huge cone of wool in a natural that I was thinking of using, dying pieces of it for the colors, but I am not sure yet…

        Oooh, I hope you get chosen, and get elected, how exciting.


      • I’ll let you know 🙂
        As for the yarn, I don’t have the yarn either! But I do have some nice West Yorkshire Spinners blue & green sock yarn. If I got a skein of natural for the leaves that might be nice. I’m *aiming* to knit my Christmas gifts from my stash!


  2. Seems your mum knows you only too well LOL Reading through the comments I spotted the little snippet of news about the selection for the county council by – election, GOOD LUCK, have a merry old time in Malta, many happy returns, mmmm 42, old enough to be taken seriously, young enough to be light hearted …perfect


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