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For one night only I give you – Knitting in Museums!

Now I normally would consider this sacrilege. I love museums and happily spend ages looking at whatever is on offer. But I am not a military history buff. Unfortunately my husband is. I’ll look at a bit but he can’t get enough of it. Put it this way, I wouldn’t go to the Imperial War Museum with him… I had happily said I would walk up to the Maltese National War Museum with him, assuming that there would be a cafe or close by garden I could wait in while he finished going round. I had rather over estimated the size and style of this venue! It was 35c in Valetta today and I didn’t want to go out of the air conditioned building. So I whizzed through the exhibits and parked myself on one of the chairs near the end. (I say chairs, padded boxes more like) and sat there for two hours knitting. Well knitting and fixing a mistake. It would have been quicker to frog the bloomin thing. I’d said to D that 90 minutes would be a reasonable amount of time to spend there so I don’t think getting out in two hours was too bad!

PS. Did you know that possibly the first decoration given in World War 2 was to a Maltese man in the Royal Navy? This was one of many fascinating facts I learned on the way back to the ferry. 😉
PPS there have been many many fascinating facts all evening! I even managed to ask some intelligent questions! 😄😄😄

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