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Malta, day 2 – and so to Gozo

We didn’t set out this morning to go to Gozo! Our intention was to drive round the top of the Island then head down to Mdina.

First we stopped at Selmun Palace and had a quick look. It was closed up & was originally a Knights of St John palace in the 1700s, built as summer and hunting residence. It’s beautiful.


There was an old farmstead nearby. I was fascinated. All the family and animals lived in close proximity. It was clearly old and preserved and well looked after. But shut up! I leaned over the gates to take some photos. 😃



We drove up the main road towards the north of the Island. As we crested the hill, suddenly D said ‘let’s go to Gozo and see those temples!’ So we did. ‘Those temples’ are the Ggantija complex. The guide book said they were the number 1 must see thing in the Maltese archipelago and they were amazing. They’re Neolithic, 3600-2500BC, the second earliest man made structure in the world. They’re time comparable with Stonehenge, but they seem to be more advanced somehow. Unfortunately D took all the amazing photos on his camera that I don’t have access to (for posting on my blog purposes) on hols, so here are my poor efforts!


Highly recommended.

On the way to Gozo I took photos of Comino:



We drove around Gozo for a while after the temples just to visit, then after we’d been in a shop selling drinks and handknit shawls which
the owner was whipping up, one of which she tried to sell me but I declined because I could also whip up a ribbon shawl in short order(!) we went back to Malta, got back to our hotel and collapsed round the pool. A nice restful day tomorrow hopefully!

4 thoughts on “Malta, day 2 – and so to Gozo

  1. Sounds like you’re having a great time! We went to Malta in April and also stayed at the Hotel Valentina! I really loved it and haven’t stopped raving about how comfortable the beds were. Loved that pool area too. If you do make it to Mdina don’t miss the Fontanella Tea Garden – the view is amazing. Malta is really incredible – such a small place but so much history and so many interesting sights. Enjoy the rest of your hols!


    • Thanks for the tip! We are going to Mdina as I’ve discovered that the biggest jewellery & artisan shop on Malta is there 😉
      The beds are amazing here – I just love the blue light in the loo!


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