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Malta, day 3 – Valetta

The kind of holiday D and I like are ones where we go and look at beautiful scenery and buildings in the day and then retire back to the hotel in the late afternoon to the pool for cocktails and some final rays of sun. Ever since we’ve been together we have been away on his birthday in January (and at other times of course!) but never over my birthday. He booked us this holiday so I could be away over my birthday and he chose Malta because it was top of my ’10 places I want to go’ list. The thing neither of us thought about was the weather. We knew it would be hot, being August, but it didn’t occur to us that it might prevent us from doing what we normally do (ie march round looking at everything!). And of course we didn’t realise that because neither of us have ever been on holiday during holiday season! We’ve managed maybe a third of our usual sightseeing capacity simply because we got too hot. And frankly very very sticky!!

We started late today. I wondered why the breakfast room was empty at 8.30 yesterday. That’s because everyone comes down at 9.30-10! After a breakfast which included my new favourite cheese – hard goats cheese from Gozo rolled in pepper – YUM – we headed off to Sliema, parked our car and walked to the ferry stop for Valetta. If you haven’t been to Malta, the main conurbation is made up of many towns that all run together along the South Eastern side of the Island. They’re built on a number of peninsulas and the easiest way to get to Valetta is by ferry, which takes you to the actual town rather than the suburbs. On the ferry I snapped a number of pictures:




We decided to use the €1 each shuttle bus to get to the centre, where we stopped for a drink at the Cafe Cordina, who also sold us a job lot of Maltese almond tasty things for folks back home. And a very large honey ring for D 🙂 I’m allergic to almonds so I imagine he’ll eat it when I’m not about!

We went for a walk. I loved the old signs preserved on the buildings.


We stopped at the Palace of the Grandmasters, now the Maltese Parliament:





We were very taken with this sign… And the battered Fiat Punto parked beside it!


And very proud to see this:


A few buildings on our walk:





Back in Sliema we had an early dinner and then headed back to the pool. Where I did a little more knitting:


Later on we had a drink on the car terrace, where D took a picture of me knitting. Look at those needles go!


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