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Malta, day 4. Part 1 – Mdina

As I have wifi in my hotel (yay!) I was able to look at all the lovely Facebook messages my friends had left me before we headed out for the day. First stop was the Ta’qali craft village. It – of course – was nothing like what I was expecting. The shops are all in old Nissen huts left over from WW2 and there’s no map of where everything is, you just had to wander about. Some of the shops were what D politely calls tat shops – inexpensive things aimed at tourists. Others were amazing. We bought Tshirts for nephew (12), grandson (4) and godson (18 months), a little bag for our 9 year old niece, some lovely bits of lace for Mum – one handmade and one machine made and some gorgeous silver filigree earrings for my sister. I actually could have spent a fortune in the jewellery shop but luckily D had disappeared with the money so I couldn’t!


We drove off to Mdina & Rabat – they’re twin towns, Rabat was where the poor folk lived when the fortress at Mdina was built, but Rabat is now the dominant town. Mdina is amazing and utterly dominates the landscape as you drive towards it. As it should! It was built in the 1500s by the Knights of St John.

Horse taxis waiting for fares at the gates of Mdina:


The entrance to Mdina:


The cathedral:


We had lunch at the Fontanella Tearooms, which had been recommended to us, and which turned out to be up on the battlements with an amazing view. I decided to use my panorama function on my camera!


Then we walked around and I took some pictures of random buildings and vistas that appealed to me:







A really lovely place to visit. We also very much liked Mdina Glass and purchased a few gifts for family!

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