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Birthday yarn

Being away for your birthday is so much fun. Firstly because being away is brilliant, but secondly your birthday pressies get staggered out afterwards. Last night my friend gave me this fab pair of earrings.


And today my friends Sam and Josh gave me these gorgeous smooshy things!


IMG_7526.JPG Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal! I honestly cannot decide which is my favourite colour. I love love love the gold, but the blue is gorgeous too.

And this fabulous book!


IMG_7522.JPG I think I am going to make these arm warmers with at least one of the balls. My winter coat and best new hat are blue, so possibly with the blue.


And look at this card.


Brilliant. I have lovely friends who know just what I like. And it didn’t stop there because they also bought me this fabulous posy.


5 thoughts on “Birthday yarn

    • Oh I love a bit of Stephen West. That one looks really nice. I did his Earth & Sky last year for my friend Sam’s Christmas present, which was intarsia, which nearly blew my mind! I like the one on the front too – it’s knitted long side first, so starts with 300+ stitches and goes down to 5. I might make that with the yellow ball, or I might try something else! I am still enjoying my birthday. Off to see another friend in a mo who has said she has a parcel for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

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