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Did I need more yarn?

Of course the answer is no. Especially not after Sam and Josh’s gorgeous present yesterday. However… I went to visit my friend Maxine today, who is the co-owner of my utterly delightful LYS Marmalade Yarns. She had a little something for me for my birthday. See! I told you I was spinning it out!

While there I saw THIS!

IMG_1103.JPG Is that or is that not autumn in a ball of yarn? All those gorgeous russet tones, but also still some green all set against blue skies. When I saw the shop’s sample shawl (in my favourite ever lace leaves pattern) I was sold. They’re both 400m approximately so it’ll make a lovely big shawl. I’ve clearly got a knit shawls mojo at the moment!

My little gift was this fabulous card, which has inspired me to make some sort of wall thing I can display nice cards on and a cute little handbag sized reusable shopping bag. Or if you’re me, project bag. πŸ˜„





Fab eh?! D sadly had to go to a funeral today and afterwards
he met a lady he knows who told him that her sister in New Zealand reads this blog! I’m sorry I don’t know who it is to say hello because man like it didn’t occur to him to ask for a name! But how amazing. It really is a small world.

Before I go and do a little light knitting I must show you the new yellow nail varnish!


Feeling a bit frivolous tonight. I just declined to accompany D on his mission to buy an iron. Ours blew up today and although I’m pleased he wasn’t hurt, as I never use it unless I’m steam blocking something, it isn’t a matter of much interest to me!

*skips off to smoosh new yarn*

17 thoughts on “Did I need more yarn?

  1. You’re right – that really IS Autumn all rolled into one ball of wool! Maybe the lady will recognize herself and say “hello” through your blog? Men, eh?!


      • I think there is a very fine balance in vacation time – there is not enough time to fully disengage, rest and come back restored; there is so much time that you disengage too completely and become used to a leisurely life :-), and then there is perfection – you enjoy your vacation place, you are ready to come home, you ease back into reality and return to work energized. I seldom get it right. πŸ™‚


  2. Hi I’m Lynne in NZ – The sister in question. When I saw the picture of your house on your blog I knew where it was as my sister lives just down the road. I love all things knitting and I’m encouraging my sister to get back into knitting again as she did some lovely knitting in the past. FYI we are not alike in any way!


    • Hello Lynne! Lovely to meet you. What a small world! I don’t know your sister as well as D, but we have met. Usually on opposing political sides πŸ™‚ I hope she does start knitting again and there are lots of courses at our local yarn shop she could go to for a refresher. Hope to talk to you again sometime! Cx


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